Tips of the Month


Garment Care Tip #3 – Beware When Wearing Silk and Satin

  • Silk, Satin and other fragile fabrics are especially vulnerable to snags and abrasion.
  • A coat or jacket lining made of a textured fabric could create enough friction to damage fine yarns.
  • You’ll want to minimize contact between ornamented hand bags or jewelry and these fine fabrics. The simple act of resting a beaded clutch in your lap can result in fabric damage and abrasion. The same thing could happen with the charm on a bracelet or a prong on a ring. Take careful stock of your outfit and accessories and be mindful of those things that could snag your lace gown, satin skirt or silk blouse.


Garment Care Tip # 13  – Purchasing Knit Wear – Construction

How do you judge quality in a knit garment?

• First check for overall smoothness, flat construction, even stitches an absence of needle holes, broken stitches, or loose threads.
• The garment should be cut on grain to avoid twisting of seams after washing.
• Quality seems are serged or finished, lie flat, do not draw up, yet have some give or stretch to allow for dressing.
• Also look for double needle stitching at armholes.
• Neckline and waistband seams are a sign of quality and makes these areas more secure.
• Because knits stretch, shoulder seams and neckbands are often taped for reinforcement. Some garments even feature a second layer of fabric or wide tape at the collar stand or neck back to retain shape in the area.

• Occasionally, turtleneck sweaters feature a seamless neckline, which is more expensive construction. This approach is designed to hug the neck, lie flatter, and be more comfortable for the wearer.

• Look at other garment details too:
– Collars, pockets, and zippers should be smoothly applied.
– Look at buttonholes; will they stretch out of shape during use?
– Are pockets reinforced so that the stitching will not come out with repeated use?
– Note trims as well. Are the stitches secure or will they pull out easily? Also, does the trim or decoration inhibit stretch in the fabric to the extent that it might affect comfort or appearance?
How well a garment is made affects durability as well as appearance over the life of the garment.